Your health, your terms.

Your Health, Your Terms

Afiya makes longevity simple, proactive, and evidence-based. We use advanced diagnostics to help you optimize your long-term health and enable an active lifestyle well into the future.

Leverage data-driven results.

Preventive care that makes sense.

With Afiya, you can leverage data to comprehend and improve your biological age, performance levels, and progress. Home diagnostics identify various important metrics like cognitive functioning or biological age for an in-depth look into your health, while the user-friendly portal delivers tailored health prompts that motivate you to stay on track toward a healthier life of a longer duration. You no longer have to guess about the best ways for you to stay healthy – Afiya provides scientifically-backed options tailored to fit your lifestyle.


Improved Health


Happy Subs


Improved Health


Happy Subs

Clear data-driven insights.

Get expert guidance based on at home diagnostics for biomarker tracking, digital healthcare interactions, and up to date information on emerging therapies.

Every result in one place.

Your personal dashboard is the control center for your health. Easily access your data, review your recommendations, and see your results.

No more pseudoscience.

Living healthy shouldn’t be confusing. Afiya simplifies critical health data and gives you accurate and understandable information to live your best life.

Longevity is within reach.

Afiya gives you the tools and insights to make informed decisions about your health for a longer, healthier future. Living longer has never been easier.

Say no to one-size-fits-all.

Your health should be tailored to you, not the masses. With Afiya’s personalized approach, you get the care and attention that you need.

The end of “sick care” with Afiya.

We believe in proactive care rather than reactive “sick care.” We focus on early detection and protection. You shouldn’t wait until you’re sick to get better.


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It’s Time

Join the healthcare revolution.

Afiya is the perfect way to start your journey towards a healthier and longer life. Now you can discover your real biological age, gain insight into general wellbeing, and obtain data-driven advice for tomorrow’s health decisions.

Every program is tailored to the individual, beginning with a comprehensive longevity consultation and review of existing medical information. Afterward, we design an individualized diagnostic plan including a biological age assessment. Treatment options include regular lifestyle optimization coaching, custom longevity supplements, and specific medications prescribed as needed.

All packages include baseline testing that is valued at over $800!

Flexible pricing options

Enjoy the convenience: custom pricing plans.

Afiya makes it easy to afford tailored health plans and preventive care. Our user-friendly interface helps you find the best plan for you, including discounted packages and monthly subscription options. With Afiya, everyone can have access to thoughtful longevity services, regardless of budget or lifestyle.

Standard Plan

$100/ month

Quality healthcare at an affordable price.

  • Initial consultation with customized treatment plan

  • Discounted pricing on supplements and tests

  • Monthly messaging option for questions and concerns

  • Ongoing developments for the latest advancements

Premium Plan

$250 / month

Your all-in-one healthcare solution.

  • Premium tier includes everything in the standard tier

  • Baseline testing included in premium tier

  • Optional 1/2 price genetic testing ($150 from $300)

  • Weekly check-ins for modifications & adjustments

  • Prescription handling for issues not typically addressed by a PCP

Next-Gen Technology

Let’s work on your health together

Start living life on your own terms with Afiya.

It’s true. Technology is changing the way we age. With Afiya, you can discover and take advantage of groundbreaking health technologies designed to maximize your life expectancy and promote wellness.

Take the right steps for a better tomorrow.

Our proprietary dashboard will allow you to track performance metrics and compare past results with current data, as you move towards better health with every step.

  • Know Your Status

Tell us about yourself in our short survey. Then, we’ll send you at-home testing to determine your biological age, overall health, and functional status.

  • Track Your Results

We integrate your wearable data and provide evidence-based recommendations centered around diet, exercise, sleep, supplementation and emerging therapies.

  • Refine Your Plan

Simply follow our advice and test again at home in a few months. Your results help us refine your plan and improve our process for every Afiya user.