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At Afiya Health, we’re continuously exploring new ways to assist members in detecting illness early and reversing the consequences of aging when it comes to healthcare. Afiya – pronounced A-fee-ya – means freedom from disease, inclusive of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. We empower our clients to take control of their health by keeping them informed and educated about the impact of their lifestyle choices. Plus, we let them know how they can streamline their way to optimal health and recapture the vitality they once had.

Our Purpose

Our purpose.

Our mission is to develop a proactive, data-driven healthcare system that will enable us to live longer lives and detect and treat diseases early. We will continue to use the most advanced scientific data and cutting-edge technology to provide a predictive, preventative, and customized treatment plan.

While new therapies are continuously being discovered, we keep up with these breakthroughs to enable you to live healthier lives and perform at your optimum. What drives us on is the continuing search for new groundbreaking innovations so that we can provide advanced, best-in-class solutions that improve healthspan, performance, and vitality.


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Does Afiya Health take insurance?2023-02-10T23:13:21+00:00

Insurance is based on sick care, which does not align with our progressive, proactive, illness prevention philosophy. We do not accept insurance but are happy to provide you with a superbill, which you may then provide to your insurance carrier in the event they may cover our services under your out-of-network benefits. Just ask.

What testing is included?2023-05-12T15:23:46+00:00

Included in the initial onboarding baseline testing (valued at $800+):

  • A computer-based cognitive evaluation 

  • A home collected biological age blood test (GlycanAge)

  • Two (pre and post intervention) intracellular NAD+ tests (collected at home via fingerstick). We will also send you a one-month supply of an NAD+ booster supplement (NMN).

These cutting-edge tests are not typically included in a conventional check up with your family health care provider. 

Additional customized markers can be ordered, depending on what is relevant to your personal health situation (i.e. Vit D, CRP, etc). Our team will work with your individual situation to determine the most cost effective way to obtain these additional tests.

What is it like working with Afiya Health providers?2023-02-10T23:12:32+00:00

Once you have decided to work with us, we will invite you to access our secure Electronic Medical Record (EMR) where we will obtain a thorough assessment of your current health status, fitness level, and your main goals. We love to work with our clients’ existing healthcare data to avoid redundancy and conserve your time and money spent. We therefore use a combination of reviewing existing test information and, as needed, ordering additional lab draws. Within the EMR, you can send us your optimization-related questions and get timely feedback. As needed, we schedule 30-45 minute video calls with you to review results or to discuss our recommendations and care plan.

What are biomarkers?2023-02-10T23:12:09+00:00

Biomarkers are characteristics of your body that can be measured. They can be as common as heart rate and blood pressure, or more complex indicators studied through lab tests on blood or tissues.

Biological vs Chronological Age: What’s Different?2023-02-11T15:24:28+00:00

Your chronological age is basically how long you’ve been alive. Your biological age reflects how much your body has aged in that time, based on several factors like diet, exercise, sleep habits, and numerous biomarkers.

I’m not old – can Afiya still help me?2023-02-10T23:11:31+00:00

It’s never too early to start getting serious about your health. While physical decline is characteristic of people aged 50 and older, some of us experience metabolic decline as early as our 20s. Afiya can assess your health now and give you data-driven advice to optimize your health at every age.

How can Afiya help me now and in the future?2023-02-10T23:10:55+00:00

Afiya can help you now by establishing a baseline for your biological age and overall wellness. From there, we can give you evidence-based recommendations to improve your health and functional status. By measuring your progress over time, we can help you optimize your body’s potential for a longer, healthier life.

Afiya Health replaces primary care provider?2023-02-11T15:25:22+00:00

No. For acute health care needs or illnesses, you will still need to consult with your local primary care provider. Our goal at Afiya is to keep you as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Provider-prescribed medication options available.2023-02-11T15:27:48+00:00

This varies greatly with your needs. This might include cholesterol-lowering medications or medications to optimize blood sugar levels (eg, metformin, acarbose). Continuous glucose monitoring devices (CGM) can also be prescribed. Please note we do not prescribe any controlled or scheduled medications, such as testosterone, stimulants, opiates, sleeping pills, etc.

What might a health plan entail?2023-02-10T23:16:13+00:00

First and foremost is lifestyle optimization. This typically involves recommendations regarding sleep, stress management, nutrition, exercise, cognitive fitness, and social and emotional health. Selective supplementation is often a part of the plan. Additional therapies such as deliberate cold exposure or sauna may be layered on. On a case by case basis, pharmaceuticals may be recommended and prescribed.

Wearable devices or trackers needed to buy?2023-02-11T15:28:32+00:00

We do not require the purchase of any specific wearables but find that many of our clients already use a variety of them. We will evaluate any data that you feel comfortable providing. Apple / Google Health data is a great starting point. We can invite you to share continuous glucose monitoring data (eg, Freestyle Libre).  We continue to add to our list of wearables or trackers we support.

Do you accept international clients?2023-02-10T23:15:32+00:00

Not at this time. Healthcare regulations and requirements vary across different countries, and it will take additional time to navigate those complexities. We appreciate your patience as we work towards that future goal.

Is any travel involved?2023-08-16T17:52:43+00:00

No. All care is provided via telehealth methods. Currently, we have licenses in the following states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wyoming

For other states, we utilize our clinical network to provide coverage where appropriate. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Can Afiya Health accept HSA/FSA cards?2023-02-11T15:29:16+00:00

Yes, we accept HSA and FSA cards. Please verify with your specific insurance plan as to their guidelines.


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